Women of wabasha

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WABASHA -- On Saturday, Wabasha law enforcement officials began a large-scale weekend search for the body of a Wabasha woman who disappeared 25 years ago with the help of resources never before at the disposal of local investigators. Donna Ingersoll last was seen leaving her Wabasha apartment Dec.

Local police officials are hoping cadaver dogs, ground-penetrating radar and kayak searches might yield clues to a disappearance that remains a mystery. Many of the tools are being provided by North Carolina-based Community United Effort of the Center for Missing Persons, a nonprofit that provides trained professionals in search and recovery efforts, assisted by a volunteer force of 60 people, who swarmed the Wabasha area Saturday and Sunday.

Searchers found something and will be testing it to see if it human or animal remains, according to media reports. No more information was available this morning. Warren said the search was the product of new le that have come in, as well as the demands of due diligence, that everything be done that can be done to find out what happened to Ingersoll. Ingersoll was 25 when she disappeared.

She had argued with her boyfriend, Gary Murphy, and according to police reports, had no money or coat when she left her apartment a quarter of a century ago. Warren spoke in a converted command center at the Wabasha Law Enforcement Center, with maps adorning the walls that marked planned search areas. Warren said search teams were focused on five areas, as well a large area west of Wabasha city. The grounds being searched ranged in size from square acres in one rural area to seven square miles in the city. He said teams were going through each area methodically and only leaving and moving on to the next when the search effort had been exhausted.

The day was overcast and damp, but Warren said he had been told that cadaver dogs pick up the scent more easily in damp conditions and can detect the scent of human remains 40 years after they've been deceased. Teams of searchers and investigators could be spotted along rural stretches of County Road 42, knots of orange-vested people gathered together. Warren indicated Saturday the CUE Center has added a valuable spark to the search, providing manpower, technology and expertise far beyond what Wabasha's budget could provide. He said he also was drawn to the organization's "high success rate" in finding missing persons.

Warren said for a case that has gone unsolved for 25 years, investigators continue to receive tantalizing hints from people. During an interview with the press Saturday, Warren spoke of a tip that police received that grew out the "weirdest conversation" as early as last week and was being pursued as a lead this weekend.

Warren said it was never his intention to cause any grief for the families affected by the case and apologized if that was the unintended effect. But he indicated that officials would go where the le took them. But that's incorrect. Trending Articles. Health News. Crime and Courts. News New search for Wabasha woman who disappeared 25 years ago. An estimated 60 volunteers and nearly 20 cadaver dogs are involved in the search for Donna Ingersoll, a Wabasha woman who disappeared 25 years ago.

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Women of wabasha

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New search for Wabasha woman who disappeared 25 years ago