Who wants to play with my hard nipples

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Now, I think many of us can agree that a little or a lot of nipple action is pretty fantastic during a sexual encounter. The nipples are one of our hottest erogenous zones, after all. An erogenous zone is a place on the body besides the genitals where it feels amazing, sensual, and sexy to be touched. Sandra LaMorgese , PhD. It adds an extra layer to everything sexual. The nipples are essentially the eye into the vulva, IMHO. From clamps, to fingers, to feather, to teeth, there is no limit to the ways you can stimulate the nipples.

The issue arises when you go a bit too hard on the nips. Some pain feels awesome in the moment, but it can leave you with scabby nipples the next day. Have all the fun you want, but do it safely. Here's how:. You have to test things out first. Make sure both you and your partner are on the same about what works for you and what doesn't.

So, start carefully. Our ability to feel pain actually diminishes as our bodies are flooded with dopamine and other delightful neurochemicals as well as a helluva lot of endorphins. Follow this experiment with the other nipple. Determine what worked for you, without too much pain and move from there. Not everything is relegated exclusively to fingers and teeth. Be sure to listen to the reaction as this is your guide to what they like and don't like.

Now take the nipple between your teeth and bite ever so gently, adding more pressure, until you get that familiar ouch! Ready for something more? Baby clothes pins that you can get from the dollar store are quite fun for pinching How many clothespins can they take? Purchase and set aside for nipple play a fly swatter! Yes, swatting nipples is very erotic to some people. So again, start soft with up and down and then side to side.

Nipple suckers bring on the intensity a little at a time and can really make the nipple 'swell' and stay erect for a good amount of time. Nipple rings and clamps bring on the pain but in a good way thanks to those endorphins! Another option?

The thin layer of fabric will minimize the friction, and it can even enhance the sexiness by adding mystery," LaMorgese says. No, ma'am! Another good solution is to nuke a small bit of organic coconut oil make sure it's not too hot and massage on your nips after. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and it's great for the skin. Any other type of natural alcohol-free lotion or oil works too. You need to make sure those nips are well-tended after, just like you would your face after a long night of partying. Go forth, nip out, and live your best life. By Gigi Engle.

Who wants to play with my hard nipples

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The Best Way To Stimulate This Erogenous Zone Without Getting Injured