Want a live in gf

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My girlfriend and I have been together for about four years. We had three years ago. Around that time, we decided that I would relocate about miles and move in with her. While I was in the process of moving, she found a house that she loved. We moved into the new house and I fully contribute, not only financially but also in repairs, painting, upkeep, etc. My girlfriend is also divorced and is reluctant to remarry. How can I protect myself financially from being completely left out in the cold if she wanted to break up with me?

I recently received a letter like yours, except this couple is three decades down the line from where you are now. One partner owned the home and the other lived there. They were on the cusp of breaking up, so the letter writer, who had lived in the home, asked me if he was entitled to anything more. I said no. His partner did not want to commingle their assets, and he did not want to get married. The homeowner, of course, could decide to give his partner a little helping hand, but I was not going to sit in judgment on that question. What, you may ask, has this couple got to do with you?

The principle is the same for a gay couple as it is for a straight couple, even one with . That way, no one is dependent on anyone else financially and, if you decide to break up, you can both walk away without any regret or recrimination. You may not be able to buy a house now, but that will change, and you can start saving today. Be clear and transparent with your girlfriend. She may even help you look. Want to ? Follow Quentin Fottrell on Twitter and of his columns here.

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Other than haunting him, what can I do? My ex-wife passed away. What can I do? How much should I give him back? Quentin Fottrell. I loaned my son thousands of dollars last year when he was out of work. Now he is spending lavishly, while we are struggling.

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Want a live in gf

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