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It could be you are just starting out playing golf and haven't yet met anyone to play a round of golf with. Of course, for many people the solution to finding new golfing friends would be to a local golf club. The problem with that for many of us is we just can't justify the annual membership fee.

Unfortunately the with the club I was a member of it was "all or nothing" and they couldn't come up with an alternative way I could stay a member but only pay for when I played or a reduced fee for reduced access to the course. As an aside, I think there is definitely scope for clubs to come up with a much more flexible membership package than they currently offer. Some clubs do now have reduced fees for a certain of rounds per year for example, but as many of us also like to play different courses, finding the time to do that AND play at our own club enough times to cover the cost becomes difficult.

Well, you've probably already tried the obvious, which is why you're reading this article; asking work colleagues, neighbours, friends if they know anyone etc, but the reality is if they did you'd probably already know. Even if you find someone through one of those contacts, the challenge is whether you are both available to play at the same time. My own situation is that a group of us try to play every month.

But, so far this year we've played just twice! That's half way through the year and we've only got together to play golf on two occasions. OK, so the weather has played a part but whenever we try to put the next date in the diary, invariably one of us can't make the date for one reason or another. So a month turns into 6 or 7 weeks. I also have a few other people I play with from time to time but their work patterns are very different from mine.

I'm self-employed and usually can play at very short notice. So, if it's pouring with rain one day I can choose not to play but then the person I've arranged to play with often cannot change their plans to play when the sun is out the next day. The Golfer's Friend aims to put that right! Completing your profile with information such as a handicap band, age group and days you are available enables you to be matched with other golfers in your local area - within a certain distance from where you live - who are keen to play more golf too.

You can message those members through The Golfer's Friend and then use the system to search for local courses to play. Their contact details are on the site and again you can search by geographical distance from a particular location to find all of the courses nearby if you don't know already. If you meet somebody you'd like to play with you can search the map for courses somewhere between you for example.

Finding a new golf playing partner has never been this easy and of course there's nothing to stop you meeting many other members so you will always have people nearby able to play when you are. Posted in Golfing Partners. How to find someone to play golf with Short of golfing friends? It could be you are just starting out playing golf and haven't yet met anyone to play a round of golf with or, maybe you are self employed and all of your friends work in full time jobs and can't play golf when you are available or, maybe you've just moved to a new area and don't want to a golf club but don't know anybody locally yet or, maybe you've recently retired and your usual playing partners are still working or, maybe you just want to play more golf and would like to meet new golfing friends Whatever your reason, The Golfer's Friend can help.

So, if ing a local golf club isn't the solution for you what are your options? Consequently, like so many golfers I just don't play as often as I'd like. Google . Don't have an ? up now! Get Directions Close. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

Want a golf partner

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