Seattle women who want sex

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One of the worst things about Seattle is that when it comes to things like strip clubs, Portland totally kicks our ass. Soooo embarrassing! But that doesn't mean there aren't naughty things to do around here just ask 11 on this list! Drop on by for 69 cent tacos get it? Be sure to shamelessly fill your phone with selfies while surrounded by bevies of busty ladies in the loo. Shop at Babeland Babeland address and info First Hill From events like Blow outs and BJs to adult toy giveaways, Babeland is the go-to place for sex-ed and sexy goodies.

FSPC hosts many events every month, ranging from rope enthusiast workshops to sacred sexuality meet-ups -- keep track on their online calendar here. Also for your perusal is the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, which is home to hundreds of books on human sexuality, as well as a lofty pornography section. Go to a possibly? Strip off those skivvies and keep it real, just remember -- no staring, ya weirdos!

On Saturday evenings at 11pm, the intimate space becomes the canvas for pasty-adorned dancing queens to strut their stuff. We recommend arriving early because seats tend to fill up quickly Doors for shows on Saturdays open at 9pm. Or a Tuesday when there are 2-for-1 dances. Corrective measures or cosmic retribution.

You have to be invited to the banquet-style dinners and subsequent parties -- find more information here. Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. DejaVu Showgirls Seattle. Our Newsletter. Become a Local Insider in Seattle. Get our expert guides to your new favorite city. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

Seattle women who want sex

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