Nice guy wants sex

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When it comes to sex, we are quite the shallow bunch: Something as simple as the smell of your sweat, the dilation of your pupils or the proportion of your waistline can make all the difference. Yet science also shows that personality traits matter at least some of the time, both in the long-term partners we choose and our shorter-term, umm, relationships. So say you want to have more sex — hypothetically, of course. Should you offer flowers or act aloof?

The answer is complicated. The findings are as diverse — and as seemingly contradictory — as we humans. Recent research published in the British Journal of Psychology showed that altruism may put you in the best position ahem to find a willing partner. The of two trials conducted by Canadian researchers showed that men and women who scored higher on altruism also said they were more desirable to the opposite sex. Men who scored higher on altruism also reported more sexual partners, and more casual hook-ups compared to female participants. If altruistic participants were in long-term relationships, those altruistic men and women said they had more sex over the last 30 days.

Humans are drawn to other humans they find physically attractive. But there may be more going on than simple hotness, according to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Researchers from China divided study participants into into three groups. Before the experiment began, all of these participants, 60 men and 60 women, were asked to rate 60 random Google photographs of Chinese women.

The faces were unfamiliar to the study participants, and all the women in the photos had neutral expressions. Two weeks later, the study participants were asked to look at the photos again. But this time, one group of participants was given the same photos with descriptions of positive personality traits such as decent and honest.

Another group was given the photos that now contained negative personality traits including evil and mean. A third group was given no information about personality. The researchers found no difference among the groups during the first cycle of the experiment. But in the second cycle, those photos that contained positive descriptions of personality traits scored high on attractiveness. Those with negative descriptors scored lowest. Men and women may say they like nice humans, but sometimes what we do tells a different story.

Narcissism, for example, is related to good physical and mental health and longer life while Machiavellianism is linked to social flexibility. Psychopathy in impulsivity and sensation-seeking, which can be extremely seductive, he says. So men and women who score high on the Dark Triad scale may appeal to because they are confident, persistent, have a higher-ranking status and look pretty darn good. Taken together those Big Five can influence our health as well as our sex lives. Although the study did not look at non-married individuals, there is a good chance the would hold true, says co-author Dr.

The study included data on newlywed heterosexual couples, all of whom were married less than six months. They kept a two-week journal detailing their life and how often they had sex. The couples also took a Big Five test to figure out their individual personalities. But higher levels of the traits of agreeableness and openness among wives led to more frequent sex. Agreeableness means you can get along well with others and maintain social harmony. These folks are often perceived as kind, generous, and trustworthy, she says.

No surprise that husbands and wives who scored low on neuroticism were more satisfied with their sex lives. But husbands who scored low in openness also were more satisfied with their sex lives. Maybe these guys just weren't into novelty. Humor always ranks near the top of seemingly any list of what men and women find attractive in each other.

Some research shows that humor gets us hot because it may reveal intelligence , a creative bent, and robust genes that equate to not only good health but also good parenting traits. Although humor is almost universally appealing, there are sex differences. A medical and science reporter, she has written for Newsweek, The New York Times, and other national publications.

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Nice guy wants sex

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