Need weekend funds

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The help listed on this is available in the UK only. Are you short of money and struggling to pay for food or other essentials? On this you'll find ways to get financial help and other resources. We'll explain how to access food banks and where to get help with money in an emergency. There may be all sorts of reasons why people find themselves in financial difficulty and need emergency help with money.

It may be through losing a job , or perhaps it's simply a reduction in income. If your outgoings have risen suddenly, it can become harder to cope with making all the usual payments. If you're worried about money, don't wait to get help. If you're struggling to pay for your essentials, there are a of government-run schemes that can provide you with emergency loans quickly.

These schemes are the best way for you to access money in difficult circumstances. We don't recommend payday loans or other forms of high-cost credit. They can leave you in even more financial trouble over time due to high interest and charges. Taking a payment holiday can be a good way to ease your short term money worries if you have a mortgage, credit card, loan or hire purchase agreement.

The largest foodbank organisation in the UK is the Trussell Trust. It has over 1, foodbanks across the country. You can use their website to find your local foodbank. There are also smaller organisations running foodbanks too. Depending on your need, a foodbank may provide you with:. If you receive certain benefits your child may be eligible for free school meals.

This can help reduce some of your day-to-day costs. You can find out if your child is eligible for free school meals on the Government website. If your pet isn't insured, vets bills can be very expensive. Search for support with vets bills in your local area on My Pet Child. We also offer a range of tips and help on this site on how to save money on food and meals. Find out more about dealing with utility bills.

In some situations, suppliers will have further support available for customers who are struggling with money. Help varies between suppliers, and you can find a useful summary of the different energy schemes available around the country PDF here. Credit unions are local cooperatives deed to provide facilities for savings and loans. They're owned and run to provide help for their members. They have three main aims:. You'll need to be a member of a credit union before you can get a loan from them, and some will require you to build up some savings first.

To find out whether your local credit union might be able to help you financially, first find a credit union in your area , and get in touch with them. They are also available for people who are vulnerable or who look after people who are at risk. You should enquire about hardship payments at your local Jobcentre Plus. Alternatively, you can call the Department of Work and Pensions on to find out more. These schemes are usually available to people on a low income who are facing financial difficulty. Each local authority runs their own scheme with different qualifying criteria. Some offer help including small cash loans or grants, food vouchers and free used furniture.

The amount you can apply for depends on your situation. Repayments to a budgeting loan are deducted from your benefits. You can apply for a short-term benefit advance from many benefits. You can get a short term benefit advance if:. To apply for a benefit advance, you should contact the DWP office who is handling your benefit claim. You can find this on any letter or you have received from them. Most benefits can be applied for through your local Jobcentre Plus. Use our quick, simple benefits calculator to check.

Turn2Us is a charity that helps people in financial difficulty access grants and support services, and can check for you. The government is no longer offering crisis loans. They're now encouraging people to apply for a social fund budgeting loan instead.

You can find out more about receiving free dental treatment during pregnancy on the NHS website. If you or your partner receives one of the following benefits, and you're expecting your first child, you may be eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant:. You can find out more about the Sure Start Maternity Grant , and check your eligibility, on the Government website. In Scotland, the same scheme is called the Best Start Grant. You may also be eligible for housing benefit. You can check this by using our online benefits calculator. They may be able to offer you help with a range of support from housing advice to buying household goods, and health care.

We aim to make our website as accessible as possible. However if you use a screen reader and require debt advice you may find it easier to phone us instead. Freephone including all mobiles. Home Debt information Your financial situation. Struggling to make important payments? Free, online debt advice available now Get debt help. Worried you can't pay the bills? Where can I borrow money fast? Can I get a payment holiday from my mortgage or other debts? Can I get help from a credit union?

They have three main aims: To provide loans at low rates To encourage all members to save regularly To help members in need of financial advice and help You'll need to be a member of a credit union before you can get a loan from them, and some will require you to build up some savings first. What financial help is available from the government? What is a hardship payment? Different emergency funding is available depending on where you live in the UK. You can use budgeting loans to help pay for things like: Furniture Appliances Moving costs Maternity expenses Travel costs Short-term benefit advance You can apply for a short-term benefit advance from many benefits.

Are there any grants I can apply for? Can I get a crisis loan? What help is available? I'm pregnant and already on benefits. Can I get more help? What can I do?

Need weekend funds

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