Need some guy friends

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When I was in school, I had a lot of guy friends. Things seemed fine. I had boyfriends, they had girlfriends, and we all just got along. But as we got older, things started to get weird. And you know what? Not impossible, just pretty hard. Why do they always seem to need more than just your friendship? Guys are way more likely to be attracted to their female friends. Research has shown that men are much more likely to be attracted to their female friends than women are to be attracted to their male friends.

Guys are ruled by their penises. They think about it all of them time. Once a thing is thought, it cannot be un-thought. The idea has rooted its way into his brain and will never leave. Guys like the unattainable. But to the person who wishes that you were dating, this is a constant reminder of his feelings for you. A hookup can ruin everything. You guys are drunk. He finally makes a move. You go along with it, curious where this could go.

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Need some guy friends

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