Love affection and fun

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Everyone shows and wants to receive affection differently, and every relationship is unique. Write your love story. Include the day you first met, where you currently are in your relationship, and where you hope you end up together. Drive somewhere. Pack an overnight bag, get in the car, and start driving… somewhere, anywhere. Bring along your favorite snacks, make a playlist your partner will love, and see where the road takes you. Help them. You can do this in so many ways. Or maybe you take their car to the car wash. Start from the beginning.

Plan a day when you revisit the place you first met, first said I love you, first had an official dater, or whatever memorable events have taken place in your relationship so far. Make a video. Set your camera up, and sit there and talk about what you love about your partner. Tell them all the words you feel and want to say, but maybe never have.

If it comes from your heart, your partner will feel it. Visit their world. Whatever their biggest passion is, enjoy it with them for a day. They might even return the favor after! Remember the little things. This might be the date of your first date ever, or the anniversary of when you guys became official, or even just the way they like their coffee in the morning. It might mean remembering to text them on the day of that important meeting, then asking them how it went after.

Create your relationship soundtrack. Make a mix tape or playlist , including the first song you listened to together, your favorite bands, the songs from a gig you went to, the songs you love to make-out too, and even your wedding song if you have one! Pick them up their favorite candy bar from the store. Not for any reason other than you saw it, you thought of them, and you wanted them to know you were thinking of them. Write a series of letters for your partner to open whenever they need them.

Send a special delivery. This might mean sending your girlfriend a beautiful bunch of flowers once every month or deliver them yourself , or sending your man a handwritten love letter. Do the dishes or tidy up. Something as seemingly inificant as tidying up or doing the dishes is a wonderful and inexpensive way to take care of your partner, and give them a little time to relax.

Give them a hug when they walk through the door. Nothing says I love you like one of those warm, bear hugs, that last as long as you want. Make your partner feel appreciated, and let them know you missed them by making a fuss of them when you next see them after spending time apart.

Make their all-time favorite meal as . Then get to work and surprise your love with all their favorite dishes from when they were young. There are endless ways to show your affection to the one you love. Use these ideas as inspiration, try them out, then think of your own. More from The Date Mix.

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Love affection and fun

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