Lost and in need of direction

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These are not just empty words. I know uncertainty, fear, and worry. I know confusion. If I think that having a direction means I will never be confused, unhappy, or uncertain, I will suffer. If I then look at how happy other people are, and compare my internal to their external, I will suffer. Having a direction in life is having an internal image that you feel matches external reality. In fact, without a direction, life becomes an adventure. But how you think life should be is created within you. It is not an absolute.

Meaning, everyone has their own interpretation. And this interpretation often comes from the outside. You listen to friends and family. You watch movies. You take in the world, and the world molds you. But when I take one step, I see a little bit farther. So movement is the key. I notice what is interesting to me, and I follow that to the best of my ability. Below is a video on not having a direction.

How do you define what having a direction means? Answering these questions will begin to reveal the internal image you hold up as the standard to which life should conform. Today, I live a directionless life. I do my best. I follow my enthusiasm. I see where life takes me. Notice your mind judging. Take care of your practical needs, but allow yourself to play, to explore where your inner being is drawn. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. As you follow your interests, you will meet fear , uncertainty, and doubt.

This is not another achievement that you need to yearn for. In the beginning, your mind will insist that you search for a direction, and you will fall for it. You can live and experience life directly. You begin to take your mind less seriously. You live more in the moment. This enjoyment is not dependent on how external life goes. Instead, it comes from within. Nothing is wrong if you experience confusion. Would you like to learn more about following what resonates? I get a small share of any purchase you make at no extra cost to you. Photo by Jason Blackeye. the exclusive newsletter and grab your free report: 5 Steps to Finding and Following Your Passion.

Henri, when I listen to your words, they take the sting out. The things that are bothering me stop stinging and I can go deeper, under the surface and suddenly see what is at the core. Now that the shame, the sting, is gone.

Thanks for sharing all that. You painted an amazing picture with your comment. I love your videos and advice. They always make me feel better and that is a gift. A big hug to you. Thank you so much for this message, which came at just the perfect time. I appreciate your work so much! Blessings to you!

You have a gift for expressing these truths in such a clear, straightforward way, saying so much in a few words. Thanks for writing, Henri! I am going to write some poetry today! Thank you for your message. I surrender to the masked sun And hug the fog mirrored English clouds above. I am peaceful in gentle nothingness. Released the frenzied strain of what might have been.

Rest to live and embrace again. One step forward on this adventure. This has been killing my ability to enjoy life and play more. I take everything far too seriously, just trying to figure it all out — urgh! Thank you Henri, it came just at the right time when I am pondering that very question, it is a very comprehensive article, concise and to the point, just what I need, I am at the moment between a rock and a hard place… and an age of Hi Henri, greetings from Malaysia.

Yes I have a job and all the necessities but I keep comparing myself and wondering what is wrong with me?! But…after so long, coming across your article and watching the videos make me less critical of myself, and just let things be as it is, for now. Thank you Henri..

Glad my article could help. Life has a tendency to unfold in its own way. Do you feel lost? No purpose? No passion? No idea where to go? You can dance in uncertainty and let life live itself through you. What is Direction? Look closely at your definition of having a direction. This definition will determine how you judge and compare yourself to others. But even that is not needed. Because it makes us feel safe.

When you feel like things are as you think they should be, you feel good. But none of this is needed. You can let it all go. How to Live Life to the Fullest Living life is like walking in a dense fog. The article continues below the video. Patterns and Definitions How do you define what having a direction means? In the past, feeling like I had a direction gave me a sense of comfort.

When I drop my need for a direction, I step out of my head, and into the present moment. Pay Attention I begin to pay attention to what is available right now. What do I enjoy doing? What do I feel drawn to do? What is interesting? What is fascinating?

What is fun? These are the calls of your soul that you need to answer. You never know where they will lead. When I follow what is interesting, I am walking my path in life. Or, you could say I am following the breadcrumbs of life.

Hello Fear What if, instead of excluding fear, you include it? What if the seemingly negative is also a part of your path? What if this goes wrong? What if people judge? Feel everything fully.

Lost and in need of direction

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When You Feel Like You Have No Direction in Life