Looking for the sweetness

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When someone calls you "sweet" Are they complimenting you, insulting you? If you love sweet s, you will never maintain a diet that cuts out all sweet s. The smell of grilled meat mixes with the exotic wafts of cinnamon tea served with a mush of sweet brown dessert.

She was even sweet to that smug ingrate Miss Bunting after she kept insulting everyone at dinner. So just looking forward to taking our sweet ass time with this next one. Adults prepare food and drink dark sweet tea on the doorsteps of their homes as they watch their children playing. The tasteless bread was transformed into a sweet cake that included ingredients, such as dried fruit and marzipan. She looked so sweet when she said it, standing and smiling there in the middle of the floor, the door-way making a frame for her.

She did not need a great cook-book; She knew how much and what it took To make things good and sweet and light. So after a few minutes I remarked to him, "Everything tastes very sweet out of this spoon! Give a sweet savour, and a memorial of fine flour, and make a fat offering, and then give place to the physician.

He turned to the gentle accents of his sweet Alice, breathed in a letter which had been wet with her grateful tears. In addition to the idioms beginning with sweet. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for sweet on Thesaurus. Chiefly British. Often sweets. Prove that nothing is amiss with your vocabulary skills by taking this quiz on popular eighth grade vocabulary. Idioms about sweet. See entry at short and sweet. Very early on, sweet was applied more generally to things that are pleasing or agreeable to bodily senses other than taste buds.

In the 14th century, you might say someone was sweet in the bed to mean that they were good in bed. From the mids, sweet-love now obsolete was a term of affection for a beloved person. By the late s, you could call someone sweet-tongued, and by the s, whisper sweet nothings to someone. Words nearby sweet sweepstake , sweepstakes , sweep under the rug , sweepy , sweer , sweet , sweet alyssum , sweet-and-sour , sweet basil , sweet bay , sweet birch. Henry, —, English philologist and linguist.

Need help figuring out what exactly "yeet" is, and whether it's the same as "sweet"? Look no further, we've laid it out for you here. Words related to sweet luscious , delicious , sweetened , syrupy , beautiful , engaging , generous , mushy , delightful , charming , pleasant , gentle , mild , tender , pleasing , appealing , lovable , loving , fragrant , spicy.

This moth may outsmart smog by learning to like pollution-altered aromas Carmen Drahl September 11, Science News. Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay. The Pastor's Fire-side Vol. Australian slang satisfactory or in order; all right. British a pudding, fruit, or any sweet dish served as a dessert. US See sweet potato. Derived forms of sweet sweetish , adjective sweetly , adverb sweetness , noun.

His books include A History of English Sounds In addition to the idioms beginning with sweet sweet dreams sweeten the kitty sweetness and light sweet nothings sweet on, be sweet talk sweet tooth.

Looking for the sweetness

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