Looking for carpool people

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If this applies to you, carpooling can be a great way to save thousands on tolls and gas. Looking for someone to carpool with? Try one of these apps that match you to a driver or rider with a similar route. Scoop allows you to schedule morning and afternoon commutes either independently or together.

Based on your route, schedule and traffic, trips are custom tailored for you and the drivers. Hitch A Ride helps you connect with colleagues to see who lives nearby — and opens the floor to discuss carpool destinations. Payment terms are negotiated between you and the driver- meaning you can either pay a flat rate or pick up a bagel for them in the morning. You can even connect with your social networks to see where your friends are travelling — and hop in for the ride! If you find yourself frequently hopping in a rideshare to save time on your commute, this is a great alternative.

It only adds a few minutes to your ride, and you could meet a new friend. Riding with a friend or coworker? Need a way to fill the silence? Check out our list of commute-friendly podcasts! Learn more and get your free quote here. Is the driver picking everyone up at home? Are you meeting at a convenient location for everyone? If everyone is going to take turns driving, create a schedule that you all agree on.

Be flexible if there is a day when someone needs to switch drivers. Decide on payment terms based on mileage and fuel cost. If everyone is taking turns driving equally, you may not need to exchange cash. Make some ground rules and be respectful of them. How long will the driver wait if someone is late? When will you exchange payment? Is talking on cell phones OK? Share Tweet Pin LinkedIn. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn.

Looking for carpool people

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