Look alike roleplay

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Not necessarily how to collect different outfits, or what sets look really good, but how fashion can help define your character. And in a game where your character is represented by a visual avatar, paying attention to that visual aspect can give your character an added spark of realism. All of these things play a part in what your character wears. While your character description says a lot about who your character is, not everyone out there has roleplaying addons installed or enabled. Do they want to be seen as a threatening figure?

Do they want to be seen as an easily approachable and friendly face? What you choose can also give away a few details about what kind of person your character is. Someone with a really snazzy outfit may be perceived as vain, or possessing a keen eye, a person who pays careful attention to detail. With the addition of the Wardrobe in Legion , players will have plenty of additional bag space to use. Blizzard Watch is a safe space for all readers. with Patreon. By Anne Stickney Shadesogrey. Is your character constantly in combat situations? Are they part of a group or organization with a uniform?

Are they the type to advertise their heroics or their professions through what they wear, or do they try to stay low-key? How does my character feel? Is your character injured? Are they tired out and just trying to relax? Are they on edge, constantly on the lookout for any possible danger or threat? Are they concerned with how they appear to others, or far more concerned with their own comfort? What is my character up to? Is your character trying to be intimidating or friendly? Do they want to talk to other people, or would they rather be left alone?

Are they looking for a fancy party, or just looking for trouble? Are they trying to lay low and hide, or are they trying to be noticed? Armor sets Sticking to an existing armor set is by far the easiest way to get a finished look for little effort on your part — just find the items that come from the same armor set.

Most green sets are deed to match. Tier and dungeon gear is usually deed to match, and so is PVP gear. The general rule of thumb seems to be that the more difficult a set is to obtain, the fancier and more detailed that armor happens to be — there are some exceptions, and some pretty fancy green sets to be had out there, too. Tailors can craft most shirts, but there are others that are only available from vendors like Karandonna in Dalaran, who has a selection of really fancy tops to choose from.

If your character is injured, head over to the First Aid supplier instead — Angelique Butler has some wound dressings that go in the shirt slot. Mixing and matching different armor sets, or even different armor types can be pretty fun, too. Speak with your outfit While your character description says a lot about who your character is, not everyone out there has roleplaying addons installed or enabled. Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you.

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Look alike roleplay

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