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By Frederik Joelving , Reuters Health. Although the reasons for the gap are still murky, lead researcher Dr. Deepak Bhatt said access to regular medicine might be involved. Earlier research has yielded mixed conclusions, but studies have linked social isolation to everything from heart attacks to weakened immune systems. Bhatt, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, and his colleagues focused specifically on people with known heart disease or at very high risk for it. They included more than 44, people, all of whom were 45 or older, from multiple countries across the globe.

Over the four years the study lasted, 7. The gap was smaller for people age 66 to 80, but it remained statistically reliable even after ing for age, sex, employment, ethnicity and country. Writing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers speculate that in people under 80, living alone could al psychological and social problems like job strain or loneliness.

Whatever the explanation, Bhatt said cardiologists should routinely ask their patients if they live alone. Meanwhile, patients living solo should think twice before ignoring changes that might be a of health problems. But that might not be the whole story, he acknowledged.

Lonely sex Globe

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