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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Do you think that classics are just old? Well, you would be surprised that many modern stories are based on the classics of literature. To broaden your horizons and maybe find your new favorite books, explore a list of some of the best books for young adults and teens that cover action, adventure, fantasy, and even romance.

Mythology can be simultaneously fascinating and complex. Intrigued by these legendary tales, author Joseph Campbell studied the myth and made the famous claim that nearly all myths, and some other story types, have similar ideas, and the heroes' adventures are almost identical in their format. The different stages of adventure he identified have come to be called the "hero's journey. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Adventure Adventure sentence example adventure. The adventure turned into a nightmare. The wildness and adventure that are in fishing still recommended it to me.

But we dropped into this adventure rather unexpectedly. When I return from my first adventure , you'll have six sons running around the hall. Here he rides forth in search of what adventure may bring. I'm up to a little adventure. The first volume of his most famous work, the immortal story - partly adventure , partly moralizing - of The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, was published on the 25th of April You will not have to search for a supermarket to get snacks for tomorrow's adventure.

It is an ideal choice if you are looking for small ship adventure. The names of some of these earliest captains of adventure , Fra Moriale, Count Lando and Duke Werner, who styled himself the Enemy of God and Mercy, have been preserved to us. He's fully committed to continuing this adventure. Yet this second adventure was not embarked upon without much anxious consideration. Primarily a warrior with a strong taste for heroic adventure , John Albert desired to pose as the champion of Christendom against the Turks. The fundamental idea is that the several interests at risk shall contribute in proportion to the benefits they have severally received by the completion of the adventure.

Contributions are not made in proportion to the amounts at stake when the sacrifice was made, but in proportion to the when the adventure has come to an end. It becomes complete when the adventure has come to an end, either by arrival at the destination, or by having been broken up at some intermediate point, while the interest in question still survives. It was never, however, the intention of government to carry on the trade, but to re it to private adventure as soon as the experimental course could be fairly completed.

There was the high-aristocratic party with a leaning towards martial adventure headed by Magnus de la Gardie, and the party of peace and economy whose ablest representative was the liberal and energetic Johan Gyllenstjerna. In short there must be sustainable development of adventure recreation. The indoor garden, gnome hunts and adventure days and bunny hunts are made for kids. This western migration was due mainly to political dissatisfaction in Norway, doubtless augmented by a restless spirit of adventure.

Returning from Spain, James married Maria Clementina Sobieska, daughter of Prince James Sobieski, a pretty bride whom Charles Wogan rescued from durance in Innsbruck, an adventure of romantic gallantry. Next came the adventure of the Cretan Minotaur, whom Theseus slew by the aid of Ariadne. While Theseus was in Crete, Minos, 1 The story of Theseus is a strange mixture of mostly fictitious political tradition, of aetiological myths invented to explain misunderstood acts of ritual and of a cycle of tales of adventure analogous to the story of the labours of Heracles.

While one section is ready to settle down and receive territory at the hands of the Christian rulers, with or without homage, another section still adheres to a life of mere adventure and of plunder. In certain material possessions - those, in fact, belonging to their trade, which was war and naval adventure - these viking folk were ahead of the Christian nations: in shipbuilding, for example.

He had all the spirit of adventure of a Drake or a Hawkins, all the trained valour of reliance upon his comrades that mark a soldiery fighting a militia " The Vikings in Western Christendom, p. An unhappy adventure in love deepened his sense of failure, but he became betrothed to Maria White in the autumn of , and the next twelve years of his life were deeply affected by her influence.

A singer who had pleased his hearers with a tale of adventure would be called on to tell them of earlier or later events in the career of the hero; and so the story would grow, until it included all that the poet knew from tradition, or could invent in harmony with it. Probably the poets of the Homeric school - that which dealt with war and adventure - were the genuine descendants of minstrels whose " lays " or " ball " were the amusement of the feasts in an earlier heroic age; whereas the Hesiodic compositions were non-lyrical from the first, and were only in verse because that was the universal form of literature.

If one of the two is to be rejected it must be the tenth, which is certainly the less Homeric. It relates a picturesque adventure , conceived in a vein more approaching that of comedy than any other part of the Iliad. It is not enough that the sacrifice or expenditure is prudent, or even necessary to enable the common adventure to be completed.

They were without adventure , almost without incident, but it was in them that he achieved so much distinction that at his death in he had the highest scientific and literary reputation of any man in Europe. As, in Fenelon's own opinion, the great merit of Homer was his "amiable simplicity," so the great merit of Telemaque is the art that gives to each adventure its hidden moral, to each scene some sly reflection on Versailles.

The adventure with the pirates occurred on his voyage to Naxos, where he found Ariadne abandoned by Theseus. French-Canadian hunters and trappers, and soon the river boatmen, added an element of adventure and colour in the primitive life of the colony. This increased body of men required an enlarged measure of adventure , and this in a few months was supplied by the viceroy of Peru. The principles which bound the buccaneers together were, first the desire for adventure and gain, and, in the second place, hatred of the Spaniard.

Even then he did not take the conquest in hand himself, but merely sanctioned a private adventure of some of his subjects. The first generation of the conquerors pushed their advance with such vigour that it seemed likely that they would complete the adventure.

To the Whig leaders the church was all but as sacrosanct as to the Tories, the very foundation of the constitution, not to be touched save at imminent risk to the state; the most they would adventure was to remedy a few of the more glaring abuses of an establishment imposed on an unwilling population. The impelling influences on the French settlement of the region were the love of exploration and adventure , the commercial instinct and religious zeal. Her bright spirits returned with effusive thanks; she offered to take the Deans to dinner in gratitude for her afternoon adventure , but they declined.

Dean minimized the ordeal by saying it was one more adventure with which Fred could wow his lady friends. Bill must survive against the elements in an epic adventure behind enemy lines. For those reasons the game can be called an arcade adventure , on a par with Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner. It's a fast-paced, thrilling sci-fi adventure in its own right. The Quentaris Chronicles is a new fantasy adventure series - with a twist. Whatever kind of event you have in mind, Leisure Pursuits is the place to go for an off-road adventure to remember. Figure 1: The Pong game The Bambi game This is an adventure game in which you play a brave adventurer.

Landing on the tiny airstrip at Lukla in the Everest region of Nepal is an adventure in itself. What shape will the networked, truly interactive and fully animated - or filmed adventure take? Selene Washington, Seattle Escort Welcome to Selene's world, enter only if you wish a petite brunette with taste for adventure.

Maybe I am just too used to the Adventure series but, they do feel a tad clunky. This Asperger adventure explores the human condition and the need to integrate into a society that demands conformity. His Kidderminster play-off contenders instantly showed a keen spirit of adventure with three forward pushed onto Swansea's back line. Meanwhile, in a subplot, a motley group of local eccentrics have their own adventure. It's a fast action roving beat ' em up adventure.

How about the adventure of ing an expedition into the world's greatest mountain ranges. There was nothing groundbreaking about the game but it was a good solid adventure with some nice eye candy. When Jayni, her mom and little brother have to run away from her abusive father, it starts off as a big adventure.

Present adventure games have a very poor natural language front-end. To my mind, Sonic peaked with the glorious Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast, his first foray into 3D gaming. Working watermill, forge, 14th century gatehouse, beautiful gardens, moat walk, adventure play area, restaurant and gift shop. Three expeditioners had a side adventure to Corte to extract incident forms from the local gendarmes - proved very tricky. Archie the curious little giraffe finds himself on an amazing adventure almost by accident!

The newest adventure activities include battery-powered go-karts for 3 to 8 year olds on The Forum, Blackhorse Way. Shenmue is a gripping adventure with has a very tight grip on you for a long time. General Sarov and his wonderfully grotesque henchman, Conrad, are the baddies in this globetrotting adventure packed with excitement. The script is admittedly hackneyed, but amiably so - like the best boy's own adventure yarns of old.

You've seen the videos of this NZ adventure where it is vitally important to wear a red hankie on your head. A love story, an adventure story - at times rather harrowing in its descriptions of torture by the Germans. After coming through his lesson unscathed, Arthur gave a big high-five to longboarding and to Dave's Australian adventure.

You are very impulsive - every day is a new adventure. These visits may seem quite innocuous, or may involve a sense of adventure or excitement. Climbing instructors, canoeing instructors and general adventure staff jobs. Any of which will give hours of fun and adventure. If your older and still love action and adventure , zest for life, I won't steer ya wrong matey! Maya adventure the jungle took. He held the middle of the park very well and gave a very David Batty like performance without the adventure.

Challenging skiing and a wonderful cultural experience, this trip is a must for Ski mountaineers with a sense of adventure. Stories that conclude in this manner are almost always disappointing because they effectively negate the adventure. A adventure playground is located next to the main building.

This creamy infusion is deliciously scented with Amazonian maracuja passionflower to transform your bathing experience into an exotic sensory adventure. Her strong penchant for adventure and conquest will drive her to have countless relationships.

There are two large indoor adventure playgrounds, which suit children of all ages. Ancient trees, boating lakes, adventure playgrounds, festivals, markets, water features and public art all are deemed too risky. Riding high on the acclaim generated by outings, Rare plowed straight into with 3D adventure romp Banjo-Kazooie. Aqua Cat Cruises offers a leisurely liveaboard scuba diving and snorkeling adventure in the Bahamas.

A truly sensuous, erotic, fast paced action adventure , that will leave you gasping in more than suspense. He now runs Lost Oasis Expeditions, offering small-scale, expert-led, real adventure expeditions in remote desert locations. Publisher's blurb: " A fantasy sourcebook packed with towns, cities, monsters and adventure in the Eastern Territory. However, this trip is more about adventure than sipping sundowners: there are regular pit stops for two-hour jungle treks. An epic fantasy swordplay adventure from the filmmaking tradition that brought you Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

He then accomplishes the central task or object of the adventure. About a mile west of the lock is the American Adventure theme park. Short or thigh length Lycra tights are also ideal for adventure racing. Another impeccably written adventure , by the end of which you should be able to identify a mizzen topsail in your sleep. Tips Review the detailed tour itineraries carefully before you choose an adventure tour itineraries carefully before you choose an adventure tour.

There is a large potential to develop independent adventure tourism and recent years have seen a considerable increase. Australian by birth, he has worked in adventure travel since The Caprese adventure begins on Piazza Umberto I, under the watchful gaze of a 17th century watchtower, with a refreshing drink. Great ideas can be found for days out, adventure holidays, stag and hen weekends and corporate events.

What follows is an absurd, sometimes whimsical adventure as the two trade in their Ibiza tickets for a flight to Jerusalem. Among the mass of romans a clef and pamphlets which the adventure produced, two only have any literary importance, Musset's Confessions d'un enfant du siecle and George Sand's Elle et lui.

Financial considerations, lack of proper transports for an expeditionary corps, fear of displeasing France, dislike of a policy of adventure , misplaced deference towards the ambassadorial conference in Constantinople, and unwillingness to thwart the current of Italian sentiment in favor of the Egyptian nationalists, were the chief motives of the Italian refusal which had the effect of somewhat estranging Great Britain anc Italy.

He frees her from imprisonment in the castle of Meleagant, who has carried her off against her will - a similar adventure is related in Lanzelet, where the abductor is Valerin, and Lanzelet is not the rescuer - and, although he recovers his kingdom from Claudas, he prefers to remain a simple knight of Arthur's court, bestowing the lands on his cousins and half-brother Hector.

In Le Chevalier de la Charrette, however, which followed Cliges, we find Lancelot alike as leading knight of the court and lover of the queen, in fact, precisely in the position he occupies in the prose romance, where, indeed, the section dealing with this adventure is, as Gaston Paris clearly proved, an almost literal adaptation of Chretien's poem.

In need of adventure m

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