I want to see you in lingerie

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You choose your models, laces and other fabrics, different strappings, really anything is possible. It's no secret that we all differ in sizes and taste. So while working in tailored suits back then, I decided our approach towards lingerie needed an update. I started Maison Nouvelle with one focus only, a tailoring service for those products you start and end your everyday with: Lingerie. From the moment you arrive, you can to let go of the hasty world for a second. We'll welcome you with tea, coffee or anything else to your likings and take a moment to get to know eachother.

Lingerie is personal and we only want a perfect match for you. We'll present you the different models to pick from, the fabrics we use - from delicate French laces to soft silk satins and extremely fine mesh - and finish with all the haberdasheries to make it yours.

There's plenty of room for your own input, we'll help you out when neccessary and keep the fit and feasibility at the same time. When all is decided, y our tailor takes your sizes and discuss your preferences in fit. The moment you leave the atelier, we can get to work: your patterns will be drawn, fabrics will be cut and the first toile will be made. Depending on the difficulty of your order we'll decide to make a toile first or start with the final piece s at once.

We carry a delivery frame of 3 - 4 weeks before you will be invited for your first fitting. You might be able to collect everything the first time if all is right. Alterations usually take us an approximate of 1 week before we can deliver. If you need something for a special occassion or if you're in a hurry we can always produce with priority. By the way, your sizes are now registered which makes the process easier with a next order.

I ed the world of tailoring because of my love for the old craftsmanship. Feel free to come by to view your options without obligations. We love to have you over and will welcome you with some fresh tea, a good cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine - if you feel like it. Me-Time is one of the most important values I live by.

I believe that women have so much in their power to rule at least their own world without getting off road by all distractions of current society. If we could create a little more time for ourselves and our values, we can conquer the world. So take that time!

Want some help with that? You can always send me an e-mail at [ protected] and maybe I can start you up. How about a start where you put your phone and e-mail aside in the evening, just a thought We have done our best to make buying your intimates a comfortable experience for you. That is why our atelier is located in a loft with the feeling of home. We built a cosy fitting room with soft light and while we will measure you, you can wear on of our robes. We are all women and know how you feel.

Get to know more about our pricing system by getting in touch with one of our tailors at [ protected]. Get in Touch.

I want to see you in lingerie

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