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Our afternoon "drives" to the coast usually included stops at the beach or arcades and a restaurant -- all treats. You can get more details here. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Air Reserve Squadron in recognition of their selection as the wing's outstanding squadron for Shown receiving is Major George Everett, executive office of the st. Air Reserve Squadron. This squadron is composed of Air Force Reservists living in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area and has one flight in Poplarville, two flights in Biloxi and two in Gulfport. Michael's Church, Biloxi, Miss. Sculpted by Harry Reeks, of Ocean Springs, the statue is 18 feet tall and took 13 years to complete.

A mosaic work, each piece of colored marble was hand-crushed and then placed over clay, plaster of paris and a steel armature with all pieces then molded together. The statue and the pyramid base abound with various religious symbols. The shrine was erected by A. Scardino and was donated by the Very Reverend Herbert J. Mullin, pastor emeritus of the church.

Change girl, Cynthia Laux helps her collect the coins. Original cutline: Mother of Apollo 13 astronaut Fred W. Haise, Jr. Lucille Haise center , stayed at her Biloxi home to watch the Apollo 13 launch Saturday on television. His two sisters, Mrs. Haise said she felt her son would be more at ease if she remained home. Original cutline: Father Sean Atkinson of St. John's Church leaves the frame house background of Mrs.

Fred W. Haise after paying a brief visit to the mother of the Apollo 13 astronaut at Biloxi, Mississippi, Tuesday afternoon. Haise remained inside and declined to talk with newsmen as the Apollo 13 astronauts battled to bring their crippled craft back to earth. Original cutline: Labor Day weekend bathers bask in the sunshine and cool off in the waters of Biloxi Beach in Mississippi Sunday afternoon. Original cutline: Capture evidence in raids on three Biloxi, Mississippi, night clubs Wednesday night is stored at the Air National Guard center at Gulfport.

The poker was taken from one of the raided clubs. Seized gambling equipment includes roulette wheels and slot machines. When President Jefferson Davis of the Southern Confederacy resided in Biloxi at his estate called "Beauvoir," he served in this church as a vestryman. His flag draped pew and the beautiful memorial stained windows attract visitors.

The lighthouse is years old, the shrimp train much younger. Both are Gulf Coast attractions. Original cutline: ay Walley puts her slot machine card in a machine and is pictured with other members of Westwego Senior Citizen Center. Isle of Capri Casino.

Biloxi, Mississippi. Original cutline: Three U. They are from left Jeffrey T. Ellis, Maj. Keith N. Hall and Captain Robert B. They had just been released from the base hospital where they underwent more than two weeks of medical checks and intelligence debriefing. Original cutline: Brig. James O. Guthrie center briefs officers on the operations of a projected flight they will take. While Thousands of carefree vacationers frolic on the Gulf coast beaches, a group of grown men seriously go about the business of "playing war" in a Keesler Air Force Base classroom at Biloxi, Mississippi. Original cutline: In Biloxi, Mississippi, Mr.

Matt Herron, and their two children, Matthew and Melissa, of New Orleans, pause to wait out Hurricane Becky before continuing on an month cruse to Africa aboard their foot steel sloop. The trio from New Orleans won the sailing competition. Audrey Gros lady in front with Brown Fig Blouse pulls the handle of a slot machine. In the background, is Annie Champagne. Original cutline: Anderson Luth hollows out half of a seaweed ball with trowel.

In October, Lutheran discovered a rare natural phenomenon caused by Hurricane Betsy. He was driving along the Mississippi Gulf Coast between Gulfport and Biloxi when he noticed some brown spheres bobbing up and down in the ocean and lying on the beach. He stopped to investigate and learned that the balls were made of seaweed which had been rolled up and compressed by the storm and wave action. Each weighed from 50 to pounds. Original cutline: Mrs. Hall hugging wife Patsy. Children Bobby 16 and Laura Diane 11 run to greet him.

Original cutline: These students from Biloxi, Mississippi are having fun in the sand on Horn Island off the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but there's a message in their starfish formed of sand. The students were participating in a marine biology course field trip. See The Eye on A-8 for a look at the group's other field-trip activities. It was a great way to wind up the spring semester. She gets her crown from last year's queen Carolyn Guice.

The 11th annual event was put on by the Biloxi Lions Club. Connell, of Killeein, Tex. Miss Hapes is the daughter of Mr. Merle Hapes of Gulfport. The ceremony tool place at the group's state convention in Biloxi.

Curry, left, commanding general of the western command, visited the field to confer with Colonel Robert E. Goolrick, Keesler commander. Colonel William J. Hanlon, who directs Keesler's basic training center is behind Colonel Goolrick. Original cutline: Capt. Forshee has worked in the Biloxi fishing fleet for 30 years.

He will share royalty honors with a Shrimp Queen to be picked Saturday, June 8. He is pictured on his shrimping trawler. From left are W. Seal Jr. Here prospective bidders register with Morton's Auctioneer House of New Orleans just before the bidding got under way. Sears and Biloxi officials Tuesday announced they agreed to a plan to save 10 of the oaks.

The oaks survived Hurricane Camille in but many of their limbs were broken. Original cutline: The Edgewarter Gulf Hotel, a landmark on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 44 years, was dynamited Sunday as part of a land clearing to make way for the expansion of a shopping center. But the sticks of dynamite weren't enough-two wings remain standing after the three blasts in Biloxi, Mississippi hotel.

Original cutline: A new state camellia queen was crowned here Sunday night when Miss Maragret Duvall, an year-old native of Ennis, Tex. The coronation climaxed a Biloxi Lions Club two-day flower festival and beauty contest. Original cutline: Biloxi's young, energetic mayor, Daniel Guice, see bright future for city. Is Biloxi a miniature New Orleans? Or is New Orleans a giant Biloxi? Make your selection. Either way, you'll be right- as the Mississippi Gulf Coast city and the Mississippi River City rush headlong toward a future bright with promise.

Biloxi, like New Orleans, is maturing and expanding. Original cutline: A lone fisherman casting his net gives a picturesque accent to this scene on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. What he is casting for is mullet, but when fried crisp and brown and served up hot in the restaurants along the way, his catch will be known as "Biloxi Bacon. He soon met a widow who lived on Deer Island, a tiny isle off Biloxi. He married her and moved out to her island home, an attractive old house with a row of oleanders in the front yard. He quit barbering and became an oyster fisherman.

Harold Swinford. Gulf Coast. Original cutline: Mr. Curry C. All devotees of sunshine and swim-fun, the Dixon family look forward to the many aquatic facilities available at the Gulf resort. Original cutline: "Your grannies used to brush their teeth with these twigs," explains C. Comfort, of the U. Assisting Creel is the official rodeo weighmaster John Cook. The Carnival season now is in full progress at Biloxi with banquets and ball.

Original cutline: Biloxi won the District Little league championship and will play in the regional at Trussville, Ala. Saucier Jr. Original cutline: Brushing up on army routine in his quarters at Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he is serving his two weeks training as a member of the National Guard is Lieutenant Roy Cohn, former McCarthy subcommittee counsel.

Cohn was ased to attend the Selective Service Conference. The tour was aimed at planning redevelopment of the huricane-ravaged coast area. Original cutline: A Mississippi shrimp boat for a backdrop, Democrat presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter, addresses a crowd at dockside Friday in Biloxi, Mississippi. Carter spoke of plans to help brace up the shrimping industry along the Gulf coast.

Grannies in biloxi

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