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A Marlborough father is shocked a teacher jailed for having sex with students could be released next month — a third of the way through her jail term — without undergoing sex offender treatment. But the legal team behind Jaimee Marie Cooney, 38, argue she needs to get out of prison first, before she can start the programme she needs.

Cooney is being considered for parole after serving 10 months of a two-and-a-half-year sentence. She became eligible for parole on October She also targeted several other boys in her 12 years at the school, but they were older than the age of consent. What else can go wrong this year? Cooney had been a model prisoner, her lawyer Miriam Radich told the Parole Board at the hearing on October 7. A support person was also at the hearing.

The decision was sent on Thursday. Corrections had assessed her as suitable for a sentence of home detention, but Judge Tony Zohrab had ruled imprisonment was necessary, the Parole Board said in its decision. Radich argued Cooney met the statutory test for release, given her good behaviour, and the amount of support shown by her family. She had also started working towards rehabilitation while in jail. However, the sex offender treatment she required was not available to her in prison, Radich said.

Cooney knew she needed more treatment, but she would need to leave prison in order to access such a programme, Radich said. The Parole Board had asked for a psychological risk assessment to help it make a decision, but the report had not been finished by the October hearing. Radich asked for the hearing to be stood down until the report was available, expected to be by October Cooney told the Parole Board she had been working with a psychologist, who had already assessed her, but the report of that assessment had still not been delivered.

The Parole Board agreed to delay the hearing until the psychological report was ready. It would be very surprising to us if treatment cannot be made available to her in prison. In the absence of treatment, she may not meet the statutory test for release on parole. The application would be reviewed in Wellington on November 6. The father whose son was approached by Cooney said he was worried about whether parole conditions would stop her from visiting schools or events with students, or former students.

She had been spotted at several youth sports events while she was on bail before sentencing last year, despite conditions not to contact people aged under 16 apart from family members. He felt she received a more lenient sentence than a male offender would have, and early parole would only reinforce that, he said.

Several students targeted by Cooney had left school, and gone on to do different courses or tertiary studies, and it was hard to say how it had affected them, though they stayed in touch, he said. But I think all the boys have learnt they need to look after themselves.

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Father shocked after jailed teacher seeks release without sex offender treatment. Jennifer Eder , Oct 22 Jaimee Marie Cooney is sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison on December 17 last year. Jaimee Cooney leaves the Blenheim District Court after her first appearance on the charges in July

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