Denver single male looking

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Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. When I lived in California dating was awesome. It was easy to go way above my league and everyone was super friendly. I never got serious then because I knew I was leaving. Originally Posted by Ankhharu. I've had complaints about all those cities. So when I got a job and transferred here, I was stoked.

Finally, in a place that just seems perfrect me. I've been here 13 months and I'm a bit speechless at how hard it has been here. In all the aforementioned cities, I made friends within the first 3 months. Dating, no problem. Irritating in some places but not a problem. I ripped Pittsburgh as they tend to not date outsiders, despite that, I did date a few woman, they were all transplants since PA girls wouldn't date an outsider, but they were dates nonetheless.

Dallas, as long as I had a nice car and apmt, I was a catch. Men out woman there, but I was able to compete. It was work, but again, the illusion of money was all it took. Man, zero effort, girls swarmed me like bees to honey. I'm not the best looking guy but they made me feel like a rock start. Then I got to Denver. Not one phone . I'm a die hard Rockies fan, hockey fan, have gone to language meetups, hiking meetups, singles meetups, costume parties, transplant parties, nothing. Nobody transplant nor native in this city wants to be anywhere near me. So much, I'm starting to wonder if I smell.

Never had an issue like this. This city is cold as ice and I can't figure out why or how. Did not see this coming. Totally blind sided me. In all my visits to Colorado, I never missed an opportunity to tell Utahans how much better CO was than them. Now 13 months later, I'm stunned. No way I'd go back to Utah, but I have to say I won't be scoreboarding on any city vs Denver anytime soon.

It really sucks that making friends or dating is so tough here because that's really my only complaints about living in Denver. Well, that and the high rent, lol. Originally Posted by hillr. Not being able to make friends and the dating scene. The dating is horrible where I am now, guys not really wNting to commit and such. Has it gotten any better for you?? Originally Posted by NDL. FYI - It was a combination of both factors. Lazy guys who don't want to commit and girls who know the s are on their side and very picky.

It's not a good thing. I don't really get how the dating scene for Men is so bad here. It seems like a constant complaint and it doesn't really make too much sense to me. I'm gay so maybe I just don't understand, but there's way less of us and I feel like there are still many options. Surely dating for men can't be that complicated? Phil P. Originally Posted by Mezter. Originally Posted by Phil P. Here's the thing, there's a lot of attractive females here, but, most every one of them I meet is already in a relationship.

I've met about 5 so far at my apartment, all of them while they were with their boyfriends. At my volleyball league, the coed teams are guys with their girlfriends. At work, most all are in a relationship. There simply are not many single ladies out walking around looking to meet guys. It was like the fraternity I was in at college in the Springs. What other place in the US has a coed college fraternity where half the females are married and most of the guys were single??? I went to alumni events every other month for about a year after graduating then quit because it was new faces every time and it was always older married people.

Originally Posted by SkyDog But they had to get in these relationships at some point, right? What am I missing? Have you tried Google? Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. User-defined colors Preset color patterns.

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Denver single male looking

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Dating in Denver – Why and How You Find Love in This Progressive City