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Cyprus Downhill Scene - The Evolution. Aug 2, You must to Pinkbike. Don't have an ? up. Source: Marios Spyrou Since last time I wrote about the Downhill scene in Cyprus things gone bigger and better and with more people ing the sport. With the promotion we are doing all the time and with the support we are getting from the distributor of Bergamont Bicycles in Cyprus we have managed to get more riders into the sport of downhill mountain biking. Below I present photos and videos of the downhill scene in Cyprus as it has evolved so far. Oroklini mini-DH track - Cyprus.

Getting ready to shred the track. Train session. Marios pinning the "Triplets" with his Bergamont G9 - Gearbox. The "Scorpio" kick! Uncle Sam, age 57, showing young riders how it is done. The distributor of Bergamont bicycles in Cyprus is supporting our effort constantly. Air-Stean going big. Solonas entering the "Drop" zone! Xavier hitting one of the drops. Antonis killing a technical section of the track. Team "Old School". The final jump of the course named "Uncle Sam" in honor of the oldest rider of the group Sam Tucker.

Documentary on National Broadcasting channel regarding the Downhill scene in Cyprus. The advertisement of the race that was held on the 18th of April Race crew, riders spectators and the mountain rescue team. Finish area. The faster rider of the course - Marios Antoniou. Tristan racing with an aggressive hardtail! Andreas 2nd place - Men. Solonas 1st place - Under Oroklini Downhill Race Steve Romaniuk Posted In: Stories Reader Stories.

Shimano Announces 3 New Flat Pedals views. Yeah, impressive stuff, and some great pics too, loving the crash sequence photo's Looks it might have hurt a bit though. DhGabe Aug 2, at Ok now I am being totaly serious here You know what this trail needs Looks bitchin though for real. I especially love a course where you get to throw down a good ol Scorpion kick! If you want to explore the rich and diverse beauty of this island, it is best to rent a car and then tour this exotic location. Cyprus Car hire will offer a wide variety of cars to suit your rental preferences.

Dave Wilson www. Dannyxix Apr 19, at StuHaight Jul 27, at Brule that's awesome that you managed to get or have someone send you that 'episode' from their cable TV station for this article. RaleighVoid Aug 2, at Props to everyone involved, looks like with only a few people you have built a nice little track and are promoting the sport well in Cyprus.

We are doing whatever is possible to establish Downhill in Cyprus. The island offers a variety of terrain to build numerous downhill tracks which can be easily accessible but we need to pursue the local authorities to start providing us with to build tracks legally in the forests. The international flavour of these articles is awesome. I hope there's an invite to the Hutchison camp in the cards!

Nice job on the pictures especially the crash sequences. Looks nice, but the top section needs some more jumps to give you more speed. We are still waiting to overcome the head-wave that is "burning" the whole island this days and we will start working to improve the track.

We found also another extra line which we can use as an expansion of the track. AloxT Aug 2, at Yes this is an Ancilloti owned by a French guy!!! HTNDave Aug 2, at Wanna hit that track on my hardtail! Looking nice guys. A track in the Trodos region would be awesome. May have to bring the bikes out when we come over to visit again next year. We are trying to find the best place to build one.

Maybe near the ski lift area. We can modify the ski lifts to take the bikes up to the top. Need permission though from the forestry department to open a new DH course up to Troodos and is not easy to pursue the department to give us one. Apart from that though there are plenty of All-Mountain trails which are really nice to ride!

Anytime you come over bring your bikes and . What helmet is the guy on the Mongoose XC bike wearing in this pic? I'm moving out there befor Christmas, cant wait the hills look amazing. Last weekend I have found a very nice trail for All-Mountain biking!!! When you come I will take you to ride it!!!

Also there are numerous other trails to hit!!! AnthonyMG Aug 2, at Amazing, so excited about it! Bravo pe polla kala ekaves! Next summer i'll bring my bike to ride with you boys! Na kopiasis file mou opote thelisis!! Most of those guys spoke faster than my yiayia and papou Wharncliffe-Dig-Days Aug 2, at Near Larnaca Airport. Just twenty minutes away from the airport. The track is located on the mountain next to Oroklini village - Larnaca. The race was made in cooperation with KENTHEA an anti-narcotics group in an effort to show young people that a person can do other things to enjoy life to the "extreme" rather than taking narcotics.

RPereira Aug 2, at Except for Romo's, all the riding in these pics look soooo sketchy. AmirB Aug 2, at All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website.

Cyprus guy lookin4 younger

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Cyprus Downhill Scene - The Evolution