Couples in Silicon Valley

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I'm the president of Connect2 Marriage Counseling. I worked in high-tech at Apple, Stanford University, and in I worked in high-tech at Apple, Stanford University, and in Silicon Valley for 15 years before becoming a therapist. My background in high-tech is helpful in understanding local couples' dynamics and the pressures of living here. I am a wife, mom, sister, friend, author, and lifelong advocate for causes I believe in such as marriage equality.

My parents are both deceased. My son graduated culinary school and is heading toward a degree in Sociology. I enjoy reading, hiking, water fitness, movies, 49ers and Stanford football, Giants baseball, and riding a tandem bike with my husband. I love the beach and mountains; nature is my place of restoration. In my work with couples, and in this blog, I combine knowledge from many fields to bring you my best ideas, tips, tools and skills, plus book and movie reviews, and musings to help you be your genuine self, find your own voice, and have a happy and healthy relationship.

Don't be surprised to hear about brain research and business skills, self-soothing techniques from all walks of life, suggestions and experiments, and anything that lights my passion for couples. Lic MFC Hide View all posts from Chandrama Anderson. This is such an interesting topic for me. I work in public education and my husband works in the construction with his hands, not as management. I actually had to google "angel investor" to know what that is.

We often find ourselves disconnected from those around us who are "typical" Silicon Valley. To start, we're the only people I know who don't have and don't want ip! We're not rolling in money, we don't place much value in the business or tech world, we're not looking to climb any metaphorical ladders, we create a good work life-personal life balance, and we don't have kids we're both in our 40s and have decided not to have kids. We were both born and raised in the Bay Area, we own a little house, and don't plan on moving. But, it can feel isolating not to be a "typical" Silicon Valley type.

Report Objectionable Content. If you want to see what takes hold of SV residents look no further than the neat little fidget spinner that my kids have decided is the end all be all of the hour! Yes it's not electronic and a much better use of one's "free" time. Yet by the level of intensity to have one or seveal has been non-stop in just one months time. What will be the trend of the hour next?? Diversity in any system makes it stronger. Silicon Valley's culture is not the end all, be all for this area.

I think there needs to be more focus on Santa Clara Valley as a whole, not just this area as Silicon Valley. Not everyone in the area is a "techie" and we should be thankful for that. There's a lot of strength in diversity. Very interesting topic, Chandrama. Would be great to get additional thoughts from you on this. This is a unique place and I've grown to love it and had better to make it worth the personal and monetary stresses of being here! I hate generalizations He's a good man--committed to a company culture that is supportive of employees, making sure they get time for their personal lives and families and community work--because when his employees are happy at home he sees they are more joyful, creative, and productive at work.

When he comes through the door at night, he lets us know he is happy to be home. He volunteers generously in our community and enjoys all of the good people he meets doing that outreach. Some SV companies have a rat race culture, but not all of them. Many companies make it their policy to create a place where people thrive, and they find that their businesses thrive better. Almost two decades ago when my husband made the decision to start his company our children were babies.

He and his partners agreed up front that their employees would always have time to have healthy lives and families. It was a very good call. Companies need to make a profit, but they also need to contribute to society. That starts with treating employees with gratitude for their service and dignity. Very jaded view. It is easy to be generous if you have made it. It is a dog eat dog competition for everybody else. Gruesome and fierce, almost inhuman with everybody just out to gain an edge. Kissing up and kicking down.

Intellectual diversity is here, it is just not considered to be of 'value'. OK, there may be some good sides: The most appreciated and valuable ones: Everybody is super smart. Thanks for the information you brought to us. They are very interesting and new. Look forward to reading more useful and helpful articles. Thank you. Follow this blogger. up to be notified of new posts by this blogger. I am a covid coward — and also angry at anti-vaxxers By Diana Diamond 47 comments 6, views. Premarital and Couples: ". Meet the Winners To show appreciation for the local business community, readers voted for their favorite places to eat, shop, work out or spend time with family and friends.

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Couples in Silicon Valley

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How Does Silicon Valley’s Culture Affect Your Marriage?