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When a hired hitman flips on his boss, the FBI begins an investigation that turns into a years-long international manhunt. Can the lead investigator—a rookie agent who plays by his own rules—match wits with the paranoid strip kingpin who manages to evade capture at every turn? Content Warning: The following program contains adult content, violence, strong language, and suicide….. Listener discretion is advised. Natalia: ly on Welcome to Your Fantasy Patrick MontesDeOca: Ray was funny, charming, but with a current tension underneath all of that, that he could snap any moment, so to speak.

There's a hitman coming to kill some male dancers with a syringe full of poison. Ray Colon: Just a tad of cyanide is going to kill you. Graham Gooch: It was peculiar and certainly wasn't very professional. Patrick MontesDeOca: I hear what you're doing with this guy, Steve, and you're taking it for him on the chin. He says, why are you doing that?

So screw him, give him up. I'm telling you, I'm ordering you. Give him up. Natalia: Turns out there's actually only one person alive today who really experienced firsthand what happens next in the story of Chippendales. His name is Scott Garriola.

Until last year, when he retired, Garriola was an FBI special agent. And a pretty famous one He's best known for taking down Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger in Since the early days of this series, we knew we wanted to talk to Garriola. Hear how he chased down Steve Banerjee Natalia: We wrote and ed and called for an entire year But no response. We found the court transcripts where Garriola testified. We talked to his colleagues.

And watched every interview he gave in the past. In the end, we decided Garriola was ignoring us, and that what we had would have to suffice. But then, in the last few weeks of production of this show, we tried to call him one last time. And he picked up. Scott Garriola: I mean, every day you don't know what you're going to get, if you're going to get into a shooting, a car chase, a fight, but you know, it's just the thrill, the hunting of man. That old line by Hemingway that there is no greater thrill or joy than the hunting of man.

And it just is. Garriola: Kind of a recurring theme in my career is I don't get along well with supervisors. I remember in my evaluation at Quantico, the counselor there put a line in my evaluation that I have a tendency to be inappropriately bold at times. Garriola: I like to take risks, I like to take chances. I don't like to just follow the ordinary, and I like to be creative and inventive as far as my investigations. And I think that's kinda what made us successful with the Chippendales thing is that we kind of thought out of the box. The plan was to inject them with cyanide which Ray provided.

Ray was arrested for arranging the hit, and then five months later his lawyers reaches out to the FBI. Garriola: Colon wanted to cooperate. He wanted to what they call proffer. A proffer is basically you come in and you get one chance to tell your story and to offer a deal to the United States government.

And they can't charge you with anything that comes from your story. It's basically the first step in arranging a plea agreement. Natalia: On February 6th , Garriola meets with Colon for the first time. Garriola: I mean, he looked like He kind of carried his weight. He had that kind of East Coast swagger, which I was familiar with, obviously.

I mean, he seemed like a pretty straight shooter. Didn't seem like a tough guy. Didn't seem like a hard-ass. Garriola: Colon gets very emotional. Especially at this time, he gets very emotional. I think he, you know, had had the come to Jesus moment, you know, I don't know at what point it was, but very emotional as he's telling the story. Natalia: Ray starts at the beginning. Garriola: He was a traffic school instructor.

He was a maintenance guy in an apartment complex. So the apartment complex where he lived was right next to Chippendales, so that's how he became friendly with Banerjee. And I think they just became kind of symbiotic type of relationship. Colon used to get money from him, do odd jobs for him. And Banerjee needed odd jobs, Colon was somebody he could trust. Ray tells Garriola that on three separate occasions, Banerjee offered him seven thousand dollars to commit arson.

Garriola: It's not very dramatic until Ray start talking about this conspiracy, not just this conspiracy that happens in , but he drops a bigger bombshell on us. Natalia: In early , Banerjee took Ray out for lunch. He told him, look, you have a debt you need to settle, the seven grand for those failed arsons.

And now I need you to settle it. Ray Colon: He says, "I want someone murdered. You do the right thing for your friend. Natalia: The person Banerjee wanted murdered of course, was his business partner, Nick de Noia. Colon is resistant at first, but Banerjee keeps pressuring him, reminding Ray how much money he gave him over the years. Money for unsuccessful arsons, money Ray never paid back. Plus, they were close friends. And Banerjee would take care of him he promised. Garriola: He promised he would give Colon anything he wanted, he'd buy him a house.

I'll have nothing left. Ray Colon: I said, "Steve, that's a hell of a thing. This guy, de Noia's, killing me. He's taking millions from me. Garriola: There's a lot of risk involved and like I told you before, I like to take risks and sometimes they work out and sometimes they cost me a lot.

Garriola: So we had this elaborate, from to , this conspiracy or these allegations of crimes that Colon was telling us, which we really had no evidence of, we had to corroborate this. Garriola: Ray was not an asshole. He was not a hard-ass or anything like that. Very accommodating to us. His tail was between his legs and he knew he screwed up. And if he didn't cooperate, he was probably going to spend literally the rest of his life in prison. Natalia: What do you think made him flip on Banerjee, Ray? Garriola: Ray had this disease that all the children in his family got, where you develop a cysts on your kidney.

It was going to kill Ray. I think he was, at the time, what was he, 47, something like that when he was working with us. And so I think he realized he was living on borrowed time, and he didn't want to spend that rest of that time inside a prison. He wanted to see his wife. He wanted to see his mother. He was a family guy. So I think it was a combination of all those things. Garriola: So the plan that we came up with was that we were going to get Colon out of the detention center because he had this ailment, this illness.

We hoped to get them out so that we could get him into Banerjee to try and get some of these conversations about the conspiracies and the arsons on tape. That's the goal. And in order to do that, we couldn't have Ray locked up at the detention center. Garriola: Unfortunately, headquarters, the Federal Bureau of Interferences, as I call headquarters, they decided that it's too much of a risk for him to be out. He's an admitted killer. It's too much of a risk. You have to trust us. And eventually … very, very reluctantly… the higher-ups relent.

The first night Garriola and Stefanak pick Ray up from prison, they put him in the back seat of their car. Garriola: I have a five shot Smith and Wesson on my ankle, I take it off my ankle. Ray's sitting it in the backseat. I said, "Ray grab this. Garriola: I'm a three year agent. I said, "You're going to fuck my career over.

Stefanak's got retirement, you're going to fuck him over. Just kill us right now. Natalia: Wow. Did any part of you think he was going to act on that? My heart raced a little bit when you told that story.

Chat room adult in Montes De Oca

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The Ghosts of Montes de Oca: Buried Subtext of Argentina's Dirty War