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Explore the best rated trails in Bernalillo, NM. Whether you're looking for an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the Arroyo Vista Trail and Atrisco Trail. Click on any trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews. While not a rails to trails project this has got to be one of the most wonderful urban trails in America. Originally set aside as part of open land initiative it is certainly one of the best features The Paseo de las Montanas Trail runs through Albuquerque's upscale Northeast Heights neighborhood toward the city's most dramatic physical feature: the Sandia Mountains.

The route begins near Winrock Although major gaps in the trail currently exist, it's an important Following its namesake thoroughfare along the northern edge of Albuquerque, the Paseo del Norte Trail traverses both rural and urban landscapes. It offers views of two important natural landmarks in A short segment of asphalt trail that begins just south of the intersection of Golf Course Road and Paradise Boulevard across the street from the end of the Paradise Boulevard Trail , the Golf Course The Black Arroyo Trail, completed in , provides a lovely scenic pathway through the dry sage brush and open space that surrounds the channel formed by the arroyo.

Offering about a mile-long trail A short community sidepath trail that runs along its namesake boulevard in southeastern Albuquerque, the Juan Tabo Trail provides a stretch of wide, paved asphalt that forms a part of the off-road A short spur trail that provides a connection between the San Antonio Corridor Trail and the Eubank Trail, the Quintessence Trail forms an important link in the city of Albuquerque's excellent network A sidepath trail that runs alongside Meadows Boulevard in western Rio Rancho, the Hawks Trail provides a nice wide asphalt path for recreation and transportation, helping local residents safely reach It begins at a junction with the North Diversion Channel Trail and travels east towards The Gibson Boulevard Trail follows its namesake thoroughfare across southeastern Albuquerque, passing the city's airport and ending just past Morris Field.

The trail offers a mix of urban views and A wide asphalt sidepath that runs the length of King Boulevard from Wilpert Road in the east to King Meadows Park in the west, the King Boulevard Trail forms a solid connective backbone for the trail The path runs along the foothills that skirt the city, offering spectacular views Named for the brown-concrete covered arroyo that the trail runs on top of in turn deriving its name from a type of soap plant found throughout the area , the Amole Arroyo Trail takes this corridor The trailhead is at East Park, a 4-acre park which also offers Albuquerque's North Diversion Channel Trail is an important commuter route, traveling north from the University of New Mexico campus to Balloon Fiesta Park, an area used year-round for ballooning, An urban sidepath trail along the busy Wyoming Boulevard northeast of downtown Albuquerque, the Wyoming Trail provides over a mile of eight-foot wide pathway that helps cyclists and pedestrians The Venada Arroyo Trail runs northwest from an industrial and commercial area in the far northern reaches of the sprawling Albuquerque suburb of Rio Rancho, utilizing the corridor created by the Coming off of the southern end of Albuquerque's lovely Paseo del Bosque Trail, the Chris Chavez Trail provides an additional five miles of paved trail that forms a nearly-complete loop around an The Canyon Rim Trail is a 2.

The McMahon Boulevard Trail begins in the northwestern corner of Albuquerque, on the edge of the vast mesa that borders the city. It stretches nearly four miles through residential and commercial The Mariposa Recreational Trail provides over a mile of paved asphalt trail that runs through the rolling hills in the rapidly-developing Mariposa subdivision, located in the far northwestern reaches Tucked in a quiet residential corner of northeastern Rio Rancho, the Los Rios Trail provides a paved pathway along the side of a diversion channel, with informational s, benches, and shade Providing over two miles of paved, multi-use trail in the suburban developments of western Albuquerque, the Arroyo Vista Trail is a nice community pathway that provides a great way for residents to To either side, the trail offers neighborhood views; Along the way, travelers will enjoy desert The San Antonio Corridor Trail provides a nice paved pathway within a power line utility corridor in northeastern Albuquerque, connecting between trails to the east and west in this tranquil The Cabezon Linear Park Trail is a paved pathway that spans both sides of an irrigation channel in the Cabezon subdivision of Rio Rancho.

Forming a beautiful, recreational backbone running north and The Southern Boulevard Trail follows its namesake roadway through the suburban heart of Rio Rancho, providing five miles of paved pathway that serves as a useful path for transportation and exercise The Broadmoor Boulevard Trail runs north and south along the side of its namesake roadway, forming the western end of a linked series of sidepath trails that run throughout this section of suburban The Enchanted Hills Boulevard Trail, as its name suggests, hugs the northeast side of Enchanted Hills Boulevard for about three miles in the northern reaches of Rio Rancho, a sprawling and growing Stretching for three miles from the University of New Mexico golf course to the very southeastern fringes of development in Albuquerque, the University Boulevard Trail provides a wide, paved pathway The Eubank Trail runs for just over two miles alongside Eubank Boulevard in northeastern Albuquerque.

The ten-foot wide sidepath matches nicely with the wide four-lane divided road with bike lanes on The Amole del Norte Trail provides a convenient north-south route through southwestern Albuquerque neighborhoods. The Piedras Marcadas Trail follows a diversion channel of the same name in between residential subdivisions in northern Albuquerque.

The trail and adjacent arroyo get their name from the Piedras Just over half a mile in length, the Balloon Museum Trail is a paved asphalt pathway that runs along the side of Balloon Museum Drive, providing a convenient means of off-road transportation into the The Arroyo Hondo Trail is a dirt path southwest of the city outside of a small residence community. An RV Park is also nearby. A good road for exercising away from the property. Running along the south side of Del Rey Avenue as a wide asphalt sidepath, the Del Rey Ave Trail provides over a mile of pathway to help connect nearby residents with the rest of Albuquerque's trail Situated on the edge of the gargantuan Intel corporate campus in the Albuquerque suburb of Rio Rancho, the Intel Trail provides a nice little eight-foot wide pathway through the open space between the Not to be confused with a similarly-named trail located just a few miles northwest in Rio Rancho, the Albuquerque Black Arroyo Trail follows a stretch of the concrete flood channel from the small Situated atop a mesa that offers gorgeous views of the canyons of Petroglyph National Monument and the Sandia Mountains that loom over the city far to the east, the Volcano Heights Trail is an This is not really a rail trail; it is a trail beside a rail.

If you prefer level or steady grades like rail trails, this one will be a disappointment. The dirt trail portion is in good condition although there are several washes with deep sand. It is picturesque and the roller coaster nature of it keeps it exciting, but I can't say that it was an above average experience. Rode here last week down to Eldorado. Had to turn around due to time constraints but really enjoyed the rolling nature of the dirt pack to the east.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a leisurely desert ride. Least favorite part was paved and concrete sections in town with the sizable cracks but not unpleasant, more so inconvenient. Rode this trail on 22 April The trail is part of a network of trails in a newer neighborhood south of Santa Fe, near the Santa Fe Community College. There are of feeder trails, and age is lacking. Be alert for short steep climbs, sections with broken asphalt, a section of broken rock gravel on either side of a road crossing, and dog walkers. If you run off the trail beware of cholla cactus.

The high desert with pinion pines with views of distance mountains make for an interesting trail. Parking was closed, we found parking in the neighborhood. We ride from near the plaza downtown Santa Fe. It was a great ride. We have cruisers with 7 speeds and it was fine. We turned around about 6 miles from Lamy. The only downside was having to cross a couple of busy 4 lane rouses.

Very superb concrete for rollerskating - beautiful views for decent stretches! Approachable versatile and fun. Very convenient trail for the airport hotels, I was very happy that it is relatively level for the Albuquerque area. There is almost no shade, so I prefer it either early or late.

Anyway during the pandemic and for the area, it is a good course. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy a non-profit and we need your support! Log in Register. Search trails Close. Bernalillo, NM Trails and Maps. Looking for the best trails around Bernalillo? Go to:. Map Search. Map view. Sort by. Relevance Name Length Most Popular. Acequia Trail 1. Alameda Drain Trail 1. Alameda Trail 2. Albuquerque Black Arroyo Trail 1. Amole Arroyo Trail 1. Amole del Norte Trail 1. Arroyo De Los Chamisos Trail 3.

Arroyo De Los Montoyas Trail 1. Arroyo Hondo Trail 0. Arroyo Ponce de Leon Trail 1. Arroyo Vista Trail 2. Atrisco Trail 0. Balloon Museum Trail 0. Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail 3. Black Arroyo Trail 1 mi. Boca Negra Trail 2. Broadmoor Boulevard Trail 1. Cabezon Boulevard Trail 1. Cabezon Linear Park Trail 1. Canyon Rim Trail 2. Chayote Trail 0. Chris Chavez Trail 5. Del Rey Ave Trail 1. Dennis Chavez Trail 1. Dinosaur Trail 1.

District Trail 1. Embudo Recreation Trail 1. Enchanted Hills Boulevard Trail 2. Enchanted Hills Path 1. Eubank Trail 2. Four Hills Recreational Trail 0. Gibson Boulevard Trail 2.

Bernalillo and looking

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