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The importance of local wild roses emerged over a nearly year experiment concentrating on the yellow-breasted chat, a tiny bird whose characteristics and precarious status have preoccupied scientists for decades. Bishop estimated B. The allowed ly trampled wild rose plants to regrow, Bishop said, linking their regeneration to the spike in local yellow chat pairs. Bishop said chats have provided no end of scientific puzzles over the years, a fact even reflected in the species name.

She said their vibrant yellow hue prompted researchers to categorize them as warblers for decades, but that classification was undercut by their roughly gram weight, more than twice the size of an average bird of that type. Chats also boast ultraviolet tints in their plumage, which are invisible to the human eye but can help male birds attract mates. The males are also known to put on a distinctive display when allowed to enjoy their preferred shoreline forest habitats, she said. The watercourses will change into grasslands if it gets too dry in the Okanagan, making it unsuitable for these birds, Bishop said.

They might move to higher elevations if it gets too hot in the valley but that might not be the right habitat for them, she noted. They fenced off about 70 kilometres along a stream, resulting in protected hectares. Improvements coming for River Road intersection. Time to reconsider priorities and start a new philosophy of responsible natural resource use. People power makes an impact.

Adult chat Chemainus

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