24 year old male wanting to chat

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target. Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. The same guy was telling me the same story, then I saw your post and blocked him right away. He was professing love far too quickly. Literally the same details. I reported him to Hinge.

Same guy friended me on fb. Says his name is Felix Morrison. Says he is UN Dr in Syria. Isn't funny that all these guys are widows. Says he wants to marry me almost immediately. Must think we are stupid. Just asked me to get him itunes. I was sure he was catfishing but wanted to see what he asked for. A guy with name Anthony Anderson, 60 y. Now he said he's on the rig in Turkey and had problem with custom asking him to pay fee for manufacturing the equipment, but he reached the limit on bank transfer.

Sounds like my guy. Ben Anthony. Son died in wreck and has a granddaughter. I am not telling how much he got from me. He talked to me like no one ever did. Would send me music videos or poems everyday. I fell fast and hard. All I wanted was him here with me. Now I am broke and homeless. I never thought I would ever fall for anything like this.

Don't know what I will do now. I still love him but I know better than to trust him. Ben Anthony or Benson Anderson. Used Iron Bank and maxed out his of transfers. Relationship is over. I have no money. Must be a lot of those UN doctors in Syria. One is trying to contact me too. I reported and blocked him. Self Employed, Good Looking, Widower. British Accent, recently he is in Malaysia for a project and he has no access to his bank. He needs money to send to his daughter who is in a hostel in California. Something is fishy. How does your guy looks like. Meet him on FB too. He to is from Dallas Tx.

However, he tells me he has a 15 yr old son. A caregiver is watching him while he is offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Very sexy looking. Also says he loves me and wants to marry me. Wish we could share pictures and compare. I meet a doctor suppose to be in Syria on Facebook then he wanted to go to hangouts to talk. Says he has 14 year boy with nanny at boarding school. Wants steam cards to help with internet access. But he lives in Houston Texas he said.

His name was Chris DC. Met someone online also on Facebook Dating, he's from Houston Texas working in Shanghai China project manager installation of 5G in Shanghai, Has a 10 year old son and his mom only of his family Son and mom have a nanny and son has a driver.

Everything seemed good after many weeks of chatting, he's pressuring me for 8 days now for the money. His name is Fraser Christopher not real name yet he sent me ID cards to prove who he was. How dishonest, never sent him money Same with me He says he's from Dallas Tx but bought house in Houston. Makes me feel guilty as I will not give him money, has dual citizenship German and American.

The only reason I know what the are is from movies. Can't send picture but sounds like the guy my sister is being scammed by. She won't believe it because he said he loves her and wants to marry her. She sent him money on a Steam card. He is having a friend send her a letter then he will tell her what to do with what's inside the letter. Oh boy Hopefully you see this and get in touch ASAP. I have several pics from him. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

No one deserves to have their heart or wallets tampered with in this way. I am talking to a man named Gavin Michael. Met him on words with friends2. Now we are on hangouts. Said hes been divorced 6 years and has a 12 yo son. Living in Los Angeles. Self employed petro chemical engineer who left for Turkey on a contract. First his equipment being shipped from China was to go to Ankara, but was rerouted past Cyprus. Cyprus customs wanted 50, to release equipment.

Says he will come back to the states to get his money and meet me for a happy everlasting life together. Plans to hire a foreman to run the rest of the job. Says cannot take pictures. I met Mark Avey Ragan. Claims he has a house in austin.

24 year old male wanting to chat

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